Today I open the eyes of my generous heart, which sees the Divine at work in all areas of life.
Female - 100-
Yellville -USA

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Starbluedreamer`s Blog
Meditations and Invocations
A blessing from Father/Mother/God-Source
I Love Myself The Way I Am

LoVe, LoVe, LoVe
Spiritual Path

Healer, messenger, crystal works, aromatherapy, lightworker

Creating a world of love, harmony and peace.

Awakenings happen to me in triplets. 1996 a year of change for me. I was in an auto accident, lost my father, and job within 2months. This was the beginning of myspiritual journey.

Being creative, painting, cooking, hiking, crystals, aromatherapy.
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Star Sign:Sagittarius
Occupation:Artist, Light Worker


We chose to come forth from Source-the Formless-and entered the world of Form. We are hybrids of both.
Within each of us lies the bridge between the two. Deep within the heart is a flame, the same element and
quality of Father/Mother/God. I am dedicated to the Oneness in All Life and to bridging Heaven and Earth
within each human heart. May the words contained here be used as stepping stones for many bridges as we a
waken to the vastness of our being, reminding us of the power that lies within our own silent sanctuaries. As
we link with Divine Beings and our Higher Selves, may we heal our feelings of separation and come softly into
reunion with Source and our own Grand Selves. In deepest, love and gratitude, I dedicate the words here to the
Inner Plane Cosmic and Planetary Ascended Masters who reach out in love to humankind and to Earth to heal,
harmonize, awaken and lift consciousness. Deep exaltations and appreciation go to the Archangels and Angels
who carry their radiance to us straight from the heart of Source. Through their resonance and overlighting,
they are indeed illuminating our pathway Home. Blessings to Mother Earth for supporting us all through many
incarnations as we endeavor to remember who we are. These words are offered to the Source of all Creation,
to All That Is Not only did You place within us a spark of Your Divine Energy--a piece of You containing Love,
Wisdom and Power--You also provided us with a means to feel and know what miracle with our open hearts. As
if that were not enough, You surrounded us with Spiritual Overseers to protect and guide us; beings who can
become our dearest companions if we invite them into our lives. As we share ourselves with them, they share
themselves with us; if we look deeply enough, we can see that we are all connected. We are all One and all part
of You. Only through the experience of You can we see ourselves for who we truly are. We are ONE. Only
then can we solve the mystery of The One and the Many and know our place in the Divine Plan. I dedicate
these words to Truth--that there is only One. And to the Divine paradox whereby we call to the many to
assist us in anchoring, activating and actualizing our Ascension into Oneness.

Beloved I Am Presence, the Eternal God Presence I AM, enfold me in your love. Place a pillar of white light
around me to protect me and allow your rays of Light to anchor firmly in my heart. Instill within me your
Divine qualities, so in purity and humility I can fulfill the Divine Plan set forth for me in Heaven. Beloved
I AM Presence, life me up into my Christ Self--the bridge between my physical self and you forevermore.
Embracing my Christed Self, empower me with Ascended Master Consciousness, the consciousness of
Truth and Bliss. Beloved I AM Presence, help me to accelerate the frequency of my vibration and growth
and transform me into unity with you. You are the blueprint of My True Self. I invoke the resonance of
your Divine Presence to assist my lesser self in coming into unity with the truth of who and what I am.
Beloved I Am Presence, anchor firmly in my heart and merge into my physical, etheric, emotional and
mental bodies as I prepare to raise the light quotient. I call for this merger to be on every level of my
existence and awareness. Amen

Thank you for sharing so much,

Gidday Mate ..long time no see ..have missed hope alls well with you...have a great weekend and week ahead...I have a new slide show you may like to check out our corner of the world..It was my eldest granddaughter onsite Ashanitmoons 18th and my 60th we are a day apart so we went to the Mountains to celebrate and enjoyed the Magic of the Mountains the stream and all the wild life camped amoungst the kangas and possums at night to entertain us around the camp fire..we went to our highest Mountain Mt Kosciuszko just on 5000 feet the base of it...just under 2hrs from the Snowy Mountains...hav a fun week and enjoy the Magic of NOW Love Judy xo

****Set your alarm for dawn. On Friday morning, Oct. 16th, the crescent Moon, Venus, Saturn and Mercury will gather in the east for a sunrise sky show. For best results, use binoculars to see all four divinities framed by morning twilight-blue.****

... love ...

Greetings, Starbluedreamer.

Dropping in to share the light, it's beauty and grace.

Blessings of peace, joy and love, be yours.


We vibrate within as one but this form keeps us locked
here soon the time will be here.
when this is changed and we can
once more be who we rally are.
Beat Wishes

Creativity is to make something new
In the virtual world or by physical material
It is to give it a new form
That touches other people's lives
Because it stirs their emotions
Speaking with or without words
Making the imagination full
Releasing exuberant joy
And fruitful ideas of the heart
Generating new forms of life

Creativity is releasing others
Into creative living
By rejecting the self-absorbed life
For a life of generosity and nobility
The great things of a creative life
Come out of small acts of faithfulness and love
Every creative act is created in a generous heart
Not out of selfishness or self-indulgence
Creativity and generosity result
In works of beauty and Beautiful Living

Love and Hugs,Rosalie xo

beautiful picture :D You have a beautiful soul.

Hello Sweetheart,
I have missed your postings...
So nice to see you back.
Thank You.
Much Love, Grateful Blessings, and Abundant Love,
jen ;)


We Have All Passed Through The Fire OF Transformation During The Server Upgrade Process Here... And The Time Has Come For Us To Re-connect As Light Friends And Network Once Again... I Have Now Added All Of You To My New Light Friends (From The Legacy List) and Am Posting This Sign of Regeneration To Let You All Know That I Am Here... and Reaching Out To All Of My Light Friends Again... Namaste, Joseph

Sending cyber Hugs and Love, Rosalie xo