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UnBound, Nature Moves to Express & Expand ItSELF in Union and Balance with All that Is...Freedom is the Expression which restores the True Nature of Life which IS Love's Experience in Wholeness
Female - 62





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    Shaka is a symbol to me of the Courage,            

    WIsdom and Strength through Love

       To  find  and  become YourSELF       





Our yearning to find Love and Appreciation through another,

is but a reflection of the yearning we have to reconnect with

our Self in complete communication and union with Source;

To Be,  once again,  in the Oneness of Eternal Love





Ask and Reach Beyond the originators of this Universe,

to regain oneSelf within the Flow of Love and Guidance

           from the Highest Source of Creation...

           feel and know this within your Hearts.



  Crack Open this Shell that Holds Us

        Breathe    Reflect   Balance 


Breathe, Reflect and Balance, again and again:)  






                Allow  Silence  and  Stillness  

                          Allow Change       




         Connect  & Communicate with Source    





     Love one another Unconditionally


             Generously Give It
         and Willingly Receive It


        Follow you Soul's Guidance

          of your own unique path.

         Together We will manifest

    safe and beautiful worlds where

     ALL Life flourishes in Freedom. 


Being that I Like to be Real :)
Welcome, and
Thank you for coming by...
that we may share and enrich one another with Love, Annie



      Find the Hidden Wholeness  Within     


       You have the Freedom and

the Ability to Be Your Spirit Embodied

       growing into Full Awareness ,

      Oneness and Unity with Source   





 Move through the Light Tunnel Matrix of Time and Space...
              Go Beyond thru to the Opening

Move In Communion & the Freedom of Now
as the Mysterious Creative Matrices of Source are Revealed Within
and brought to Light through YOU * and US Together !

Our hearts are the Portal.......and,
All that is needed or required is your awakening in Full Conscious Participation.












Spiritual Path

Lightwarrior,Clairsentiant, Empathic,Optimist

Unity within Diversity Unconditional Love


My Dream of Perfection as a Child.......       














Isn't All Life a Spiritual Journey ?

Knowing calls to me. Began listening , and with experience,

observation and thru relationship  and 3  wonderful daughters,

learned the importance of Sovereignty ......

Loving and trusting the insights and the guidance from 

within My Self -

and allowing that to unfold.

Learning , that Following  your own Soul with its InnerCalling ;

you will not  UnKnowingly give  your power will find it !


   I am like a sponge in the ocean ~~

    Learning to  Know, Heal and Expand myself 

 .....and appreciate fully  all  lifes  many  Wonders 



Recommended Reading

Healing Night  Kahlil Gibran, Rumi, Pistis Sophia, Bhagavad Gita, Isis Unveiled, 
 Siddhartha,OSHO-The Mustard Seed,, I AM BOOKS,



Your Aura Color You scored as a Violet .

You are a visionary and love to inspire higher ideals.

Violet 85% Indigo 77%Yellow 75% Crystal 65%

AbstractTan 67% Green 67% Magenta 67% 

Lavender 65% Red 65% Orange 60% Blue 60% 

Love,  Light,  Sound  unite  as  Matter;
in Oneness  

Most Beautiful is the Joy
and Wonder it Creates

It is time to unleash the Enchantment and the Grace of Your Magic,
Allowing Your Imagination to Soar
And Your Wisdom to spiral Beyond the bounds and boundaries.
We call You, and Your Soul challenges You:
Be the Visionary for:
A World Becoming New
You've been the Catalyst;
Now Be The Initiator.

~ Lazaris ~

Just by Asking...begins the actual Flow and Movement and Interaction-
physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

Hometown:anywhere there is water,blue sky,mountains and Nature:)
Star Sign:Aries

 Before the mind assumes, Wait ,   let the heart of awareness see the underlying truth;  that things aren't always as they seem,  and there Is a current of Perfection  that runs through All Things.....    
Happy New Year dear Annie xx Peace and World love xx
In response to a blog post comment, thank you for your kind thank you, Sierra.
Comment by sierra
Thank YOU :) Rekrium !
Hi Annie! thank you for your message, it always makes my heart sing when we connect! I send you ALL my LOVE! maria
Hi Annie, Your new avatar is so very lovely timely 'kairos. Van Morrison - Before the World Was Made~ Live Heaven dandavata pranama Kah
hiya Annie! just saw you online and thought I should hug you. But of course this is the internet and I am way past typing out hugs! But you know what I mean!
Hi Annie... been away from here for a few years... nice to be browsing these pages again, and to see that you're still here. Namaste, my dear friend. and lots of Love <3
Feels good to immerse myself here on your page and feel your/my essence. I hope you are enjoying your summer and All That Is! Blessings always, Kathy
Comment by sierra
Hi Beautiful Thank You :) I emailed you a note *
Happy Mother's Dear Annie!!!! Love, Karen. Hey, I just saw the pic of you above, you're gorgeous. My hair is blonder now, we really could be sisters!
Hope all is well, accidently erased an e-mail you sent when I was cleaning things out and by the way thanks for the Micheal Jackson song you posted, I had a good friend who lived next door to the Jackson compound in Encino, California unfortunately Bob is no longer with us if there ever was a lightie he was one.