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We Are God Enough! :-)
Male - 32
Even Yehuda -Israel

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LoveBeing`s Blog

Hello! :-) I'm an old soul just like you.. :-) I came here to share my love and finally recieve some as well! I'm happy I've found a family like all of you! :-)
Spiritual Path

Teacher, Helper, Healer, Loving, Angel, Me :-)

I want to change the world for the better! To live in a world with more loving and caring human beings who are connected together as One with God... :-)

I think it was all of my life.. I always missed Home and thought about the afterlife a lot.. when I was about 12 I've started to see I have a spiritual mission here.. and that if I'm an old soul I have a responsibility to teach and help others! In time I've learned to heal and love myself and others! :-)

Afterlife, Near-Death Experiences, Angels, Amazing Coincidences, Miracles, God, Love...
Recommended Reading

All the wonderful books about Angels & Miracles by Joan Wester Anderson, Chicken Soup For The Soul Books, "Only Love is Real" , "Many Lives, Many Masters"- Books by Dr. Brian L. Weiss about Past Life Regression, "Living In The Light"- Books by Shakty Gawain, Conversations With God- Neil Donald Walsh. Books by Leo Buscaglia- like: "Love", "Living, Loving & Learning", "Five People You'll Meet In Heaven"- Mitch albom. Books by Louise L. Hay- like "The Power is Within You", "Morrie In His Own Words"- By Morrie Schwartz. Books by Richard Bach- "Illusions", "The Seagal". Small Miracles- Yitta Hallberstam & Jusith Leventhal. Hello From Heaven! -Bill Guggenheim and Judy Guggenheim. Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven- Matthew & Suzanne Ward. Autobiography Of A Yogi- Paramhansa Yogananda. "The Evolution Angel"- by Dr Michael Abrams. "Embraced By The Light"- by Betty J. Eadie All books of "Chicken Soup For The Soul", After The Light- Kimberly Clark Sharp, Many of the books by Deepak Chopra. Tales Of American Life- Paul Auster, "Life After Death" by Neville Randall. The book about "Peace Pilgrim". "Return From Tomorrow"- Dr. George Ritchie's NDE. "Your Erroneous Zones", "Inspiration- Your Ultimate Calling"- Dr. Wayne E. Dyer.
Status:In relationship
Hometown:Ramat Hasharon
Star Sign:Taurus
Occupation:Loving & Writing

I hope I'll be able to contribute here, and be a part of the lightworkers family.. :-) For now I give you a big Big Hug! With lots of Love & Light! Gil :-)

Hello! Havent seen you round in a while!
I remember your smiling face from a long time ago!

Hope you are well,good to see you! X

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Hi! I am Miss Becca
How are you today and how about your health,hope you are fine and good.Any well after going through your profile in this site i became interested in you.I will like to have you as my good friend whom i will like to share my life experience with.Your sex, age, race nor distance does not matter to me rather what matters most in a relationship is the maturity,truth and honest that exist between friends.So i will like you to contact me back through my private mail address(beccadd17@yahoo.com )So that i can tell you more about my self and send to you my photo.

Yours Sincerely,reply me here (beccadd17@yahoo.com)

Was glad to see your face on here this morning.

Shine Bright.

Thinking of you Gil and sending love...

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Love and light to you!
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Comment by LoveBeing
Thank you! Beautiful soul! :-)

Good job and keep on shining, holy land needs you.
Wish you happy 2010! :->

Comment by LoveBeing
Thank you very much- you're right on that! I just wish I could have more people like me here!! :-) Love, Gil :-)

To My Beautiful Brother..


The moment you become miserly you are closed to the basic phenomenon of life: Expansion, Sharing.
The moment you start clinging to things, you have missed the target--you have missed.
Because things are not the target,
You, your innermost being, is the target—
not a beautiful house, but a Beautiful you;
not much money, but a Rich you;
not many things, but an Open Being,
available to millions of things.
Seasons Greetings
And Angel Blessings
Liora xoxox

Comment by LoveBeing
A bit late.. but thank you dear Liora! Love & Hugs, Gil :-)


Just scrolled past your face on blogs.....yes, you radiate LoveBeing!
Wonderful to behold!


Comment by LoveBeing
Thank you very much! have a wonderful day Claudia! I'm sorry it took me so much time to notice your comment.. Lots Love! Gil :-)

Glad to meet you.
May Our Creator take all thorns from the beauty of your day!!!

Comment by LoveBeing
Thank you! Nice to meet you too.. Lots of Love! Gil :-)

Waves of love dear Gil...


Comment by LoveBeing
Wow Kathy!! You are right! A LOT of changes were made in this site since I was here!! :-) The waves photos are great.. TNX!! :-)