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What does Earth Ascension really mean?

The Ascension of the Earth is the raising of the electro-magnetic frequencies that surround her & that she exists within. It is a freeing from a static place into a place of Growth. It is natural evolution that eventually occurs within all consciousness structures be they Planetary, Humanoid or Otherwise.
The Ascension means to transmute fear and all it’s derivatives into it’s polarised opposite…love and all its derivatives. It is to remain within balanced polarisation so that all electrical frequencies and vibrations are within the love fields.
It is to shift consciousness from ignorance into knowing and from separation into oneness.

Do we who are wishing it even have much of an idea of what Earth Ascension means besides the rising of frequencies?

At the deepest level all beings know what Ascension means. Consciously this may be perhaps just a feeling or a knowing that cannot be explained whilst others have full conscious clarity. On the highest level of explanation no third density being can truly understand the entire picture that is Ascension….but it can be grasped enough to be able to be processed, lived, acted upon & created. It is not necessary for a conscious understanding of Ascension in order for a being to Ascend.

Is it Earth moving past 5D or just fully residing in 5D? Or more?

Earth will move past 5D and will also fully reside within it. At this present moment in your evolution Earth is moving into a Fifth Dimensional frequency. Once you are fully resident within the Fifth Dimension you will have more awareness of where the other dimensional frequencies shall fit into your lives as all beings within fifth density will have contact with higher density guidance.

What can we, as conscious Lightworkers, do to help others to look and possibly accept the idea of Earth Ascension?

Speak your knowledge as you know it to those who are receptive. Deliver just enough so that the recipient of your knowledge may embark on a journey of his own. For whilst keeping knowledge to oneself stops flow and hinders growth….giving too much knowledge hinders growth also by not allowing discoveries and realisations to be made by the individual. If you are standing in alignment as a Wayshower, Lightworker or teacher of the new consciousness you will know how to introduce these new concepts to the unaware. Their own connection to the divine will do the rest.

Is Ascension a conscious choice that needs to be made by your Higher self?

The Higher self already chose to experience Ascension in this incarnation prior to your birth into third density matter.

Can you explain where we are currently in the Ascension process and can you explain what is happening on Earth from your higher perspective? Given the fact that so many people are negative and are with the dark, how can we be assured we are definitely going to Ascend higher into love?

As you walk in alignment towards the culmination of the raising of frequencies on your planet many interesting events are materialising and planetary milestones are being reached. Communication with your inter-galactic family and those that traverse the multiverse grows ever closer. Timelines are being seen and felt by the sensitives with precision and it is the timelines of light that are being manifested. For the darkworkers, the black alliance whose technology has shown them future timelines and how to manifest them in actuality has been no match for the natural technology that exists within the service-to-others Starseeds and Lightworkers incarnated on the planet. These Starseed born humans have now come into their activation points and as they harness the Light and anchor the Light they block the dark timelines from manifesting rendering the dark technology ineffective.
More and more Starseeded humans awaken to their memories every day and call towards them a reality that is fluid and not fixed. With this calling they move out of their boxes and take their places within infinite lives without boundaries. When this occurs they become empowered with the love frequency and their DNA activates & transmutes as they take their rightful place within Galactic evolution.

Planet Earth for many generations has been cut off from the Light, locked down in darkness, unable to move out of the dense vibration of third density control & fear….

Now she exists in a place of bright light having Ascended in vastness since that time of locked down darkness and she is no longer the same Earth as she was before.

Now the multi dimensional intelligences of service-to-others love can come in and make themselves known, knowing there are enough awakened Starseeded Humans who shall embrace their arrival within our Consciousness.

Humanity can draw this Galactic consciousness into their realities through aligning themselves with equal vibrations. Correct healing, balance and nutrition, meditation and spending time within nature are keys to achieving that alignment.

Connecting and networking with the like vibratory “others” is essential for the coming together in unity and empowerment of planet Earth.

The darkworker Alliance have plans in place yet these are no longer calmly orchestrated as they once were in the sheer knowing that they would manifest with ease. These are hastily grabbed plans that have not been thought through and they vibrate within old energies, long gone and currently leaving and these plans have fallen before they even start.

The dark ones have had their reign and now is the time their crown shall fall as the ones who have been predicted, the ones you have prayed for and have known in your hearts were coming are now here….the starseeded humans are opening their eyes and are taking their place within this new circular energy that is vast and abundant enough to hold all within it’s protection. As this circle grows and embodies more and more individuals into it’s collective vibration those living within fear and darkness shall have to make their choice, they either join the circle of service-to-others light or continue their existence elsewhere on a place that can no longer be called Earth, for Earth has Ascended into a higher vibration and she shall not lower her quotient of Light now but shall go forward and embody more and more as the culmination of the Consciousness shift draws ever closer and Earth and all Humanity return to Zero Point.


Channelled by : Magenta Pixie


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