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FEB 2016 UPGRADE STATUS :User profiles and New posts are now working again! Yey! Thank you so much for your patience! PLEASE Post any Issues Here.

..then please allow Me to let a bright light sparkle of inspiration and truth information.

Ascension can be uncomfortable at times like these within collective consciousness, but it can also be made easier if humanity assists.
Time is short ---- change is coming quickly... and You are understanding there is an END POINT.
Your time is now to take power, make decisions, move forth in freedom, joy and abundance.
Accept power and your part in the divine plan.
There is a gift held in your heart.
This is the gift of love from the universe.
You are the Creator... and You are able to see your way ahead clearly shown.

We are viewers and players in this process of awakening.
Some awaken easily without prodding, others fight the stream and wish to stay sleeping and dreaming.
While others rise in pure joy and energy for the new day.
We work with creator gods that are birdlike and reptilian and it is within our DNA to be ignited!

It's All about BALANCE....esspecially when we are sliding down :)

As the wise crow moves with the stream and lead by example.

Let those who fight the stream learn from their emotional guidance system.
There are many many teachers here now and you are one of them.

No need to Worry about anything else, except to get your 'Spiritual House' in order Now~~~~

~~and use your God Given Power of Intention Focus on the (+)

..and Bring in Humanities rightful Awakening & Evolution...

Now, "let us keep the candle of knowledge lit, rather than curse the darkness!"

..and Be Love together within joyful sense of feeling...

Just feel & accept that is finally 2012 and that IS why You came Here (also)...

There IS Profound Love And Respect

For What WE All have Achieved.

Realising that... an instant...

All The Dreams

All The Work

All The Love And Caring


This is merely a message for YOU to brighten UP....

..the 21st Dec 2012....

..and the 2 Timelines....

..and WE are merging together as 'ONE'...

So...let the muck GO and let light FLOW...

For the "thinkers" amongst is an extended version :)

Re~member that the odd looking bird was showing to maintain in high vibrations and let us FEEL a similar Vibe of Balance.

We CAN do this too :)

So...whatever you"think" >>>o<<<  think RE~VERSE...

..and trust your inner~tuition taking the red pill, well done :)

Re~member and enter the stream _^_within the DARKNESS.

Start at the root of your BEing, the dragon or serpents are merely here, within our DNA.

>>> Circles within Circles...thru the Manifestation of LOVE IN ACTION.

"Darkness within darkness.

The gateway to all understanding."

with sudden Seeming...

TIME-codes Firing...

..(MASS)kundalini arises.


...and Humanity IS AWAKENING...

Through the 'POWER' of...

..assisting You/Me and Humanity for a peaceful New Earth!

Wishing You all the strength and courage within graceful angelic abunDance this year!

~~in love and spirit, sensi



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